Who We Are

Way Back When…
Started back in 1994 by a group of creative visionaries looking to stage a summer theatre performance of “West Side Story”, Broadway North has since grown a reputation for staging fabulous Musical Theatre productions and as an excellent training ground for young performers.
Boot Camp!
The original production of “West Side Story” was set up as a summer camp.  Students came from all over Saskatchewan paid tuitions, and were placed with billets, to attend the grueling 5 week, 12 hour a day schedule – which started with warm-ups, followed by skill development workshops and then rehearsals.  A small number of Professional performers were also hired to act as mentors for the students and to play the leading roles in the musical.  The first three weeks would culminate with opening night of the production, followed by two weeks of performances.
The Powerhouse
In the first years rehearsals and workshops took place at SIAST campus, and the performances would be at the Powerhouse Theatre. 
The “Powerhouse” theatre is a bit of a misnomer because it was never built as a theatre – instead it was the building that once housed the power generators for the Prince Albert Tuberculosis Sanatorium.  Thanks to the vision of the original board, and the volunteer labour provided by the Prince Albert Penitentiary work crew, it was transformed into a summer theatre space in the span of a few months.
Already “decorated” with years of graffiti, and water damage, the venue provided a unique environmental theatre experience reminiscent of a New York back alley complete with bats that regularly flew out of the holes in the ceiling to surprise the patrons.  Rounding out the minimalist experience the venue had no public washroom facilities, fixed seating or air conditioning and it was only intended ever intended to be used for that 1995 production of West Side Story, however destiny had different ideas.
The Show was wildly successful, the some 3000 tickets for West Side Story were completely sold out three weeks before we opened and the show received rave reviews from all who saw it.   This provided the enthusiasm to launch a Musical Theatre training tradition that is still alive and well today.